Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Meet the team - Keith

Name – Keith
Home town – Saaarf London
Interests – Pipe smoking, beards, sudoko
Bikes – Charge duster mtb, Kona singlespeed mtb/fixed gear commuter (now in stealth black), Pinnacle Aeos road bike, Kona Yeehaa commuter/road/mtb all round weapon! Gt Idrive (waiting to be built)
Favourite type of riding – stunts, radical and gnarly skids.
Favourite riding area – Tissue corner (Epping forest)
Favourite quote – 2 in the hand are worth 3 in the bush
Most likely to be found at the event – Near the raspberry crumble, worrying the computer, out on the course.
Anything else you think we should know – I am currently studying to become a stunt man but if that doesn’t work out I will do some pimping. My favourite time of the day is 3:05. Urine is more sterile than saliva. I once dated Drew Barrymore.