Friday, 31 July 2009

Great Missenden Mountain Bike Route

We were out today getting the mountain bike route signs out ready for tomorrow.

Like the road route it's pretty much the same as last year although this year the full route, including the long section, is sign posted so no self navigation or checkpoints to find.

The route isn't really technical but there are quite a lot of root sections, some deep mud to try and skirt around and a few slippy places to look out for.

Despite the recent wet weather the course has held up fairly well, in some places it's completely dry but in others (especially through the woods) it is quite muddy. Most bits you can ride through or round without too many problems, I was expecting much worse, I think I can maybe just about get away without washing the bike :-)

One thing to look out for, the route crosses the Ridgeway in a number of places and it seemed there were a lot of walkers out today so take care on the faster descents.

Route distances are -

  • Short 17 miles
  • Medium 26 miles
  • Long 33 miles

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Great Missenden Road Route

We've been out on the bikes today getting the road route ready for Sunday.

For those that came last year it will all seem a bit familiar as the route hasn't really changed. From Great Missenden it heads, with a few twists and turns, in the general direction of Tring, then up past Ivinghoe Beacon before heading back going near Aston Clinton and Wendover.

It's not mega hilly but there's a couple of climbs to test your legs, the one up out of Aldbury and the one up Aston Hill (where they used to test early Aston Martins) are probably the only two longish climbs to look out for.

You should also be in for a fast finish as it's mainly flat or downhill for the last few miles, once you see the 10k marker and do the short steep climb up from Little London you'll find you'll be back at the finish in no time. It took Dean less than 20 minutes even with having to stop a couple of times every mile to put the signs up.

Route options available on Sunday are going to be -

  • Fun 11 miles
  • Short 27 miles
  • Medium 60 miles
  • Long 87 miles

GPX route files are also now available for download

Friday, 17 July 2009

Wet and Wild Yorkshire Moors

We tried waiting for the rain to stop before heading out to mark the mountain bike route for tomorrow but unfortunately it didn't so we had no choice but to go out and get wet. It ended up taking me and Keith about 5 hours of riding in the rain to mark out half of the course each. The rain isn't too bad once you get over initially getting wet and it's not really that muddy but the head wind across the moors made it really tough.

The forecast is slightly better for tomorrow but I suggest you pack your waterproofs or stop by our Gore Bike Wear demo tent if you're planning to ride.

GPX routes should now be available to download.

York/Thirsk Road ride

Writing this now, on Friday morning, yesterday seems like another season ago!! The roads were dry, the sun was out and t-shirts worn all round. I was going to recommend bringing ski goggles and a gum shield as I got hit in the face by so many bugs! Then at 10pm last night it started raining, just a small downpour we thought, and it's still going 11hrs later. The forecast for Sunday is OK, so lets hope they get it right.

The course sets off from Sutton Bank, along the ridge for a few miles before dropping steeply off the edge and into Boltby. The impressive remains of Byland Abbey come next after which there are some long, flat country roads to get up some speed on. A gentle climb brings you to Hutton-le-Hole and the manned drink station. This village is where Heartbeat is filmed and is picturesque, with sheep roaming the green and a pub. The Drink Station is outside Merrills shop which sells fudge, drinks and ice cream ( Cookies and Cream - Yum! (well on a sunny day anyway)) From here the ride splits with the long route disappearing into the North York Moors National Park for a hard 22miles before returning to rejoin the route a mile up the road. Back through Helmesley and a final sting in the tail climb back up to Sutton Bank.

We're all camping this weekend ( seemed a good idea a couple of weeks ago) and are about to put out tomorrows ride - Keith is getting into his wetsuit. Not sure if that's to do the ride or whilst he's bailing out his tent, which he's pitched in a rut that's filled with water! Thing are floating in there.

Pics. to follow when we get a fast connection.


Friday, 3 July 2009

Gatwick MTB Ride

We've just been out getting the mountain bike course ready for tomorrow. We've done a few events from Gatwick now so inevitable have to use some of the same trails but we have made a few changes from last time. You also now get the option of doing the long route option without the hassle of navigating to checkpoints as all the route options are fully waymarked.

Compared to the Peak District last weekend the route is fairly easy and with the dry(ish) ground we should see some fairly fast times.

GPX files are now available to download.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Gatwick Road Ride

Last time we did an event from Gatwick it was the King of the Downs and the weather was cold and wet, for this weekend we've gone to the other extreme if todays weather is anything to go buy.

The route for the ride on Sunday is slightly shorter than the King of the Downs and you've got three distance options so there's something for everyone but it still gives you a chance to tackle some of the same hills.

If you're joining the ride this weekend remember to bring plenty of water/drinks and some suncream.

After all the complaints about the cold weather for the last Gatwick event we're ready to get a load of new ones this weekend for it being too hot :-)