Tuesday, 27 April 2010

MK photos

Thanks to everyone who came along to the ride at the weekend. We managed to get everyone parked with about 6-10 spaces to spare on both days, and with those that rode in, this turned out to be the biggest MK event so far.

The obvious differance between the two days was the weather. Saturdays Mtb ride was bathed in sunshine with riders eating their post ride food on the grass outside. Sundays Sportive started off with a horrible dribble which gradually cleared up during the course of the day, but never quite made it to the T-shirt and pasta on the lawn type temperatures.

This is best shown by looking at the photos in the link below, taken by Apricot Images who were out on the course taking pics of you all.



Monday, 26 April 2010

Milton Keynes Results

Download results below -

Friday, 23 April 2010

Milton Keynes Off Road

Another sunny day marking out the off road route today. Unlike previous years the route is dry all the way round this time so there's no mud to slow you down although you'll find plenty of sand as you ride the sections through Woburn Sands to slow you down instead (it's like being at the beach in a couple of places).

The route heads past the mountain bike play area in Woburn sands (just before you cross the main road into Aspley Wood), although they're not part of the ride they're worth a quick look as you ride by if you've not seen them before.

When you arrive tomorrow please ensure your park as directed, so as not to annoy the local residents no cars should be parked in Rushmere Close (the small residential road approaching the event centre).

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Milton Keynes Road ride

A lovely day in the saddle around the roads south of MK is in store for all of those Pre-entered into this weekends Sportive. We know this as today was a perfect cycling day, Sunny, not to hot and little wind, so with the weekend forecast for much of the same, it's a done deal!

There is only two real climbs on the route, Toms Hill near Aldbury and the final one at Lidlington. Other than these two the course is pretty much rolling with the occasional drag up :-)

I know I seem to keep going on about this but it really is important for us and the local residents. If you have not pre-entered, please do not show up. You won't be allowed onto the site. Please don't park in the local streets and cycle to the event as this will still be bringing cars to the area that it can't cope with. There is a small chance that I have secured some more parking, if this does come off I will announce this on the blog.

To prove you have pre-entered I will need to see your confirmation before you are allowed on site, PLEASE HAVE THIS READY TO SHOW AT THE ENTRANCE TO THE SITE. As promised, I'm on parking duty so you have been warned!!


Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Milton Keynes Update

We have now closed both days for on-the-day and pre-entry bookings.

This is due to the shortage of parking on site and the surrounding areas. Can I please request that if you have not entered you do not turn up on the day WE WILL NOT BE TAKING ANY ON THE DAY ENTRIES. There is very little on the road parking in the area and it is a sensitive issue with locals so please do not show up on the off chance as you will put next years event in jeopardy.


You will need a copy of your booking confirmation to get into the carpark, please have this ready to show the car parking marshal (Probably me, so you have been warned!) IF YOU DO NOT SHOW THIS YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ONTO SITE.

Thanks for your understanding and let's look forward to a great event


Monday, 19 April 2010

Milton Keynes

Please note that MKs Sportive this weekend is now full and there are only 40 spaces left on the Saturday before we close this as well.

More details about the weekend coming soon.


Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Woking Rider Times

MTB Rider Times

Road Sportive Rider Times

If you have any queries about your time please mail me and I'll update when possible.


Monday, 12 April 2010

Woking Preliminary Results

You can download preliminary results below, we wanted to get some results up today so all those that are keen to see their times can have a look.

We know some changes are needed especially where riders have switched distances, for example, at the moment you'll see some unrealistically fast times where riders completed shorter routes than planned. A final edited version will appear later in the week.

Preliminary MTB Results

Preliminary Road Sportive Results

Woking aftermath

Well that was some weekend. About 1025 riders turned up over the two days of Sunny Woking! We managed to get everyone parked (Sorry to the few we had to put in the slightly soggy area) Fed everyone with 500 burgers/hotdogs and loads of bowls of pasta and got every chip back!

I'm just off to unload the van and un-earth the timing computer with was buried in the packing process last night, and then I'll work on the results. The software designer redesigned the software before the event so we are having to relearn how to produce the results page (something we found out on Saturday night!) so I will hopefully get them up tonight.


Saturday, 10 April 2010

Sunday Road Ride - Full

Just a reminder that Sundays ride is FULL please DO NOT turn up if you have not pre-entered.

We don't have enough parking, chips, maps, SIS bars or food for you!


Phew - request please

After 474 mtb riders attended today we're running a bit short on change.

Can I ask people to come along with £1's and 50p's please, or any change!!

That way you can have a burger or bowl of pasta after your ride.


Friday, 9 April 2010

GPX routes for Woking now available

My first time posting them so be nice if there's a problem :-)

Tomorrow's looking at being busy as well as Sunday so can I ask you all to park sensibly and we'll hopefully get you all in!

The BBQ is making a return this weekend on Saturday and possibly Sunday (providing the MTBers leave anything!!)

See you there, I'll be the blur in black.


Thursday, 8 April 2010

IMPORTANT - Sunday Woking Road Sportive Full

Due to a huge pre entry demand this Sunday's Woking Sportive is now full, we won't be able to take any entries on the day so if you haven't pre entered I'm afraid you've missed out.

We are going to be tight with parking this weekend. Can I ask that everyone parks sensibly when they turn up, no leaving huge gaps between you and the next car! There will be someone directing the parking on both days so please look out for them and go where directed. If the onsite parking is full there is a lane a couple of hundred mtrs past the event centre on the left or a village car park (fee payable) on the other side of the village. Please park considerately and DO NOT park on the road or in the village hall carpark (click on the picture below for a larger map). Thanks Dean.

There's still spaces available for Saturday's mountain bike ride so we'll be doing on the day entries for Saturday's ride as usual. If you missed out on the road ride why not dust off the mountain bike and join us on Saturday instead.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Price increase

After two years of running Ride It events I'm sad to announce that we are having to increase our entry prices. Over these last few years the operating costs of running the series, petrol, staff etc have increased, squeezing a budget that at best broke even.

So, from our Woking event we have added a whole £1 to the entry fee. Pre-entries are now £11, On-the-Day entries £13.50, Fun Road £6 and £8.50 respectively. Under 16's are still free.

You still get:-

3 different lengths of fully marked routes
A free SIS bar/gel and free SIS drink
Free toughprint map
Free Gore clothing to try out for the day
Access to 65 Demo bikes for the day
MM adventurer GPS units to demo/hire
Use of the facilities and carparking
Electronic timing.
Manned drink station with a mechanic.
Jon's fruit Cake at the drink station if you're quick enough!

All for £11.