Saturday, 30 May 2009

New camelbak?

When it's really hot a regular camelbak just isn't enough...

Friday, 29 May 2009

Phew what a scorcher...

More riding in the sun today getting the off road route ready for tomorrow.

The course is really a ride a two halfs, the first half is pretty flat and still muddy in places through the woods, the second half, up on the south downs is hilly and bone dry. The climb up to the south downs ridge is a real challenge, it's steep, long and there's little shade from the sun but the views from the top are well worth it.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Brighton Road Ride Preview

We've just been out getting the road course ready for Sunday. Riding in the sun makes a nice change after the rain at the King of the Downs. The forecast for Sunday is to get even hotter in case you're wondering.

From Plumpton College the route heads north towards Burgess Hill to give you a chance to warm up before heading back south and the climb up Ditchling Beacon. Anyone who has done London - Brighton will be familiar with Ditchling Beacon but for those that haven't had the pleasure it's a nice big hill up over the south downs, never too steep but fairly long :-)

The route then heads towards Brighton and along the cycle path towards Lewes. After Lewes the short loop riders head back but everyone else continues to Laughton where the long ride splits and heads off before rejoining back at the same point.

From Laughton it's north(ish) towards Uckfield(ish) before heading back to the finish.

Bring plenty of water/water bottles/sun cream, if the forecast is right it's gonna be a scorcher

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Brighton this weekend

We're off to Brighton (well nearby!) this weekend.

For those of you that did KOTDs I'd just want to let you know there are a few differances to this event.

As the entry is £10 (£12.50 on the day) there will be three drink stations but only one of them manned. Short ride (26miles) wont see any Medium (58milesish) will see 2 and the Long (86miles) will see all 3 (Station 2 & 3 being the same as the long ride loops back to this point)

You recieve one SIS bar or gel at the start, SIS drink and water is available at all stations, Bananas at the manned station.

Free waterproof map is still given to all riders.

We operate a rider card system of recording rider times. Please make sure we see it at the start and finish to record the fact that you returned.

Oh, and there's no freebie bags either :-)

Let's hope for some better weather!


Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Rider Times

Rider times have been published on the main site.

Just a few comments.

Due to the weather, we had about 500 riders change their minds and do the Half Sportive instead. This swamped the guys on the finish as they tried to put every one in the right catagory.

Also, some signs were removed at the bottom of the timed section and, until we physically manned the junction, there was a period where riders missed the turn. We have put everyone who went through the timed section as completing the long but have had to do a bit of educated guess work for the rest!

If you look at the times and find yourself in the wrong section, please mail me on and I'll get it changed as soon as I can.


Monday, 18 May 2009

KOTD photos

Are here - Sportive Photo

There's 2904 of them so I hope you remember your rider number.

Unidentified riders will be published soon.


KOTD times

Hi all.

Thanks to all of you for turning up and riding a testing course in some testing weather!

We've got to collate 4000 bits of information on to one spread sheet and then check for any errors. I hope to get the times up late today or tomorrow.

Right, off to survey the devastation at HQ


Saturday, 16 May 2009

KOTD Weather Forecast

Friday, 15 May 2009

Food stations this weekend

Just for info:


Three drink stations

All carry bike spares to purchase.

Half and full Sportive

Station 1 at 26miles

Free SIS drink and water available
Free Banana and either an SIS gel or Bar
Mars, snickers and Coke to buy at 50p each

Full Sportive

Station 2 at 56miles
Station 3 at 86miles

Free SIS drink and water available
Free Banana and either an SIS gel of bar
Mars, snickers and Coke to buy at 50p each

Shop is open at Event HQ from 5am for those things you've forgotten (Although you can't buy bikes!!)


Thursday, 14 May 2009

After ride entertainment

We have two qualified Sports masseuses available for an after ride rub down. Follow the signs around the offices or ask for Beth on the day.

Priced at a very reasonable £10 for 15mins, go on, treat those legs to a well deserved pampering.


Train info for this weekend

For those of you coming by train this weekend we've produced a photographic picture trail of how to escape Gatwick station.

Have fun!


Tuesday, 12 May 2009

KOTD GPX Route Files

Here's the links to download the gpx files for the King of the Downs Sportive -

Full Distance

Half Distance

If you're GPS doesn't support gpx files, then sites like maybe be able to help you convert it into something you can use.

If you're wondering what a gpx file is, it allows you to upload a copy of the route to your GPS Computer. If you haven't got a GPS you can also use gpx files with Google Earth and explore the route in advance from the comfort of your PC.

KOTD Routes

Had a bit of a frantic day today as we've discovered that there is a Triathalon taking place on part of our route! What's worse is that we both converge on the small village of Hartfield at roughly the same time and go through traffic calming together. Having 1500 riders from two events squeezed through a bootleneck is just asking for trouble so we've changed our route slightly to avoid the Tri. This has added a few miles to the route, so in compensation we've shortened the first loop and changed the climb up to Pitch Hill, It's still slightly added to the overall length of the route but made one of the climbs easier. See, we do care!!

The GPX routes should be appearing on the right shortly.

Can I ask that if you do download the routes that you check again on Saturday night after we've put the route out to make sure we've not made any changes. Changed routes will have 1,2,3 etc after them.

Thanks Dean

Monday, 11 May 2009

Cycling Weekly Preview - King of the Downs

Click on the image to download and read the full article (adobe pdf format) -

The King

We're gearing up for the King of the Downs this Sunday!

As of the middle of last week we had over 700 pre-entries and with the 4 page article in the Cycling Weekly, we're expecting that number to grow. This is our biggest ever event and logistically is going to be "fun" I have 3000 bananas on order, 3000 SIS bars and Gels turning up, 24 staff, 4 vans, a mini-bus and a motor bike!

We've published some instructions for riders attending the event, which can be found here:-

More details and gps routes coming soon.