Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Meet the team - Rod (MIA)

Rod no longer works for Ride it. He is now the workshop manager in one of our new London stores.

Name – Rodrigo Zanini
Home town – Americana, SP - Brazil
Interests – I do love BMX Racing, Motocross, 4x, Downhill, Travelling, UK-TV History, Cooking, Yoga, etc...
Bikes – BMX Pro Ness XL, Pinnacle Aeos Carbon 2.0 and my next one will be the Pinnacle Cascade.
Favourite type of riding – where I can feel my adrenaline
Favourite riding area – of course my home town track, UCI BMX track (Aigle-CH), Cheddar track, Lake District and North Downs.
Food – Vegetarian please!
Favourite quote – please keep your Car into the garage and try to save our Planet riding your Bike.
Most likely to be found at the event – with our Demo Bikes, where they are ready for you to do the Ride it! event
Anything else you think we should know – please keep me away about Football or any kind of these things! Thank you!