Thursday, 27 November 2008

Scotland in all weathers!!

Well, my 3 days cycling around the Scotish hills has come to an end. Looks like the venue's sorted and I've cycled most, if not all, of the trails in the area. Now it's just a case of linking them all together. Unlike England, Scotland has a right to roam policy. Although this sounds great, allowing you to go where you want, it does cause problems with finding routes. Basically, if you look at a map of Scotland it doesn't show Bridleways, RUPPS etc that we use in England, so the only way to find the trails is to get out and ride them. (Had a GPS tracking my progress so I know where I went.) Cycled up loads of trails that either became unridable or dead ends, which was a little frustrating. Especially as it went from sunny - windy - rain - hail in 15 minute cycles most of today!

Just a few last things to tie up and then we'll publish booking info on the main site.

Anyway, theres should be some pictures posted here soon (I have Firewall issues!) so you can have an idea of the beauty of the area. The venue can be seen in one picture if you look closely, another shows the Beef Goulash soup from the on-site cafe and the one of my disc is not out of focus, that's steam coming off it after one humdinger of a decsent (about 800ft in 1km, straight down!!) - Dean