Monday, 29 December 2008

Angry Animals you may see on the ride

Animal 1 - The Honey Badger

An angry animal indeed, some say the angriest

Anger rating 9/10

Chance of sighting on Ride it 2/10

If you do come across one of these chaps take great care, he'll have your arm off if you look at him funny.

Animal 2 - The cassowary

Definitely a contender for angriest bird category

Anger rating 8/10

Chance of Ride it sighting 1/10

This colourful fellow likes to disembowel his victims with a flying kick and his razor sharp toe nail.

Special advise incase you do come across a cassowary...

Animal 3 - The red squirrel

Perhaps not classically angry but I have seen a red squirrel on one of our rides. I think it could prove angry if provoked hard enough.

Anger rating 4/10

Chance of Ride it sighting 7/10

He appears to have fallen foul to his grey cousins but I believe old reddy is bidding his time.

Please feel free to leave documentation of angry animals you may or may not have seen on Ride it rides.


Anonymous said...

I saw a pretty angry swan on a ride once, I swear he had a look in his eye that said "Don't mess or I'm gonna break your arm".