Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Rider times - Oh No!!

Well, we've had our biggest event so far and all went great. Course stayed up, weather was perfect, ground conditions were good for the time of year. All was going well untill I went to send the Road Ride times to the web site and found that we've lost all the data. This is input into a speedsheet on the day as you come back and hasn't saved for some reason.... Still, not too bad as we have all your cards. Or so I thought. The cards are somewhere at our Head Office with all the rest of the equipment. I live some 40 miles away and no one there can find them. This means that I have to offer a grovelling apology and as soon as we get the cards and re-enter the 600 odd bits of data back into the spreedsheet, the results will be put up.

The Off road results should be up soon, please check on the main site. www.Evanscycles.com/rideit