Friday, 5 December 2008

Saturday's Off Road Ride Preview

We've just finished the course set up for tomorrow's off road ride - well almost finished as Dean's out checking the night ride route this evening.

The first loop of the route takes you down towards Leith Hill then it's up onto the North Down's before returning back to the event centre. You're definately gonna get a bit muddy but that's half the fun of mountain biking and if you make use of the Gore demo gear you can let someone else worry about the washing.

GPX files are now available to download, click on the links on the right.


Alan said...

I think the GPX files are a great idea....but, I do think that there should be some "How to" info....things like telling people to save them and then use google earth and open bits and bobs on how to load them to things like tomtom.

(Not all people are as sad as me to know these things!)

See you tomorrow.....

The Ride It! Team said...

Ok, we'll see what we can do! Tony, the man at the SIS drinkstation, is our GPS expert, so I'll have a word.

Good to see you today, hope you enjoyed the ride.