Friday, 9 January 2009

Chieveley MTB Ride

Take care on the ridgeway tomorrow, it's mega slippy! My back wheel tried to overtake the front several times. I guess slick tyres and 80psi wasn't the wisest choice but then locking my keys and phone in the car in the middle of nowhere wasn't very clever either!!

Things to spot on the ride tomorrow...

Dead badger

The most extravagant tree house you'll ever see

Right, I'm off to change my tyres to some more sensible off road type, oh and anti freeze for my drink bottle it was frozen solid by the end of todays ride!


Anonymous said...

So how did you break into your car - break a window with a live badger?

wozza said...

Should have checked this Blog before heading off today... indeed it was slippery - came off twice in first 20 minutes... and yes both camelbak and bottle froze solid - well it was -4 degrees!

Great ride though even if I did start seeing stars towards the end as a result of dehydration:-)