Thursday, 5 February 2009

TCR Weather?

Looking at the Met office 5 day forecast for the London area, it looks as if Friday is going to get the worst weather over the next 3 days. The outlook for Saturday and Sunday is mainly dry with showers in our area. This doesn't mean it's all going to be shorts and T-shirts though! There is a lot of ground water out there so even if it is a dry day you're probably end up wet.

Our road routes have been designed to include A or B roads as much as possible and , as such, are likely to remain in a better condition. They were all clear today (see Marks report below) and we have oppurtunties to re-route on the day if there are dangerous sections.

I've never really trusted weather reports though, so here's what we're going to do and how you can get any information:-

Saturday morning
We'll be at the venue at 7am and will have been on the road from 6am. This should give us an idea of the air temp and likelyhood of ice. As per usual, the route will be pre-ridden to check that the marking is still in place.

If you check this blog at about 7.15am I'll post on the general conditions and ultimately, if it's too dangerous, cancel the event.

If Keith, on his pre-ride, finds sections dangerous to ride, he'll either re-route or close sections down.

We have a manned drink station out on the course and you'll either see him once or twice depending on your choice of route. He will be able to respond to incidents if they occur.

Again, I'll be pre-driving the course on Sunday morning. I will post conditions on the Blog at about 6.30 - 7am and if there are any changes I'll let you know then.

For both days, we'll assess the risks and will change or close parts of the course as apprpriate.

We'd also like to recomend that you dress appropriately and recomend using a rear light when on the road.