Thursday, 26 March 2009

Milton Keynes road route

Milton Keynes, the city of roundabouts and concrete cows...... Well there are a few circles to go around but not a solid bovine in sight. In fact the wildlife highlight is riding through Woburn Deer Park and seeing all the .......well, Deer.

Todays weather was a bit of everything as we put the course out, rain, hail, wind, sun all made an appearance during our ride. The route itself actually starts south of MK and heads further south towards Aylesbury where it climbs up the biggest hill on the route (1:8) before either dropping down along the medium route or going on to the Long route. The long is a really nice loop which gently climbs and descends for 26 miles before returning to the Medium at the drink station.

Some nice roads in some beautiful countryside.


Gpx routes coming soon


Anonymous said...

Hi What time is the earliest we can start the long road ride tomorrow morning in Milton Keynes?