Thursday, 5 March 2009

Mobi portable washers

After listening to some of the comments about bike washing at some of our events, we thought we'd do something for venues that have little or no access to outside water. The solution was to grab two of the new Mobi Portable Pressure Washers out of stock. These are portable pressure washers and are designed to be put in the back of the car/van to clean your bike after a day on the trails. They run from the 12v socket in a car and come with an adatpter for mains supply so you can use them from home as well.

We used them for the first time in Scotland and I have to say, I quite impressed! First of all they are not full blown Pressure washers so don't expect the nozzle to jerk back in your hand. 130 psi it may be, but through a small nozzle so it's a strong but not large jet of water. If you think about it, a large jet will use too much water and mean you'll only get a bit of your bike washed instead of it all. If you look at the picture of Papa Smurf using the Mobi, you'll see the kind of pressure achievable.

Downsides? Well there's two that I can see and they won't apply to the normal user. First is that we have to keep filling them up to wash all the bikes at an event (we may have to impose a time limit at events) secondly the hose fittings are plastic and I'm not sure how long the're going to last with riders pulling at them. We have cable tied the ends to protect them, so time will tell!!
For more product details visit the main Evans Cycles site - Mobi Portable Pressure Washer