Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Brighton this weekend

We're off to Brighton (well nearby!) this weekend.

For those of you that did KOTDs I'd just want to let you know there are a few differances to this event.

As the entry is £10 (£12.50 on the day) there will be three drink stations but only one of them manned. Short ride (26miles) wont see any Medium (58milesish) will see 2 and the Long (86miles) will see all 3 (Station 2 & 3 being the same as the long ride loops back to this point)

You recieve one SIS bar or gel at the start, SIS drink and water is available at all stations, Bananas at the manned station.

Free waterproof map is still given to all riders.

We operate a rider card system of recording rider times. Please make sure we see it at the start and finish to record the fact that you returned.

Oh, and there's no freebie bags either :-)

Let's hope for some better weather!