Saturday, 16 May 2009

KOTD Weather Forecast


Simon D said...

Just wanted to pass on my thanks to all those involved in organising this event - it was clear that a great deal of effort had been made.
I took a right pasting - I spent most of the ride by myself, had started to blow by about 80 miles, and limped in on one engine having walked part of the last two climbs! (I think it's about 30 years since I've done that!). What with the soaking we all got (please arrange some better weather for next year's event...) and a puncture it had the makings of a rotten ride, but the fantastic organisation more than compensated. Many thanks once again.

The Ride It! Team said...

Hi Simon

Glad you enjoyed the ride!

The timing of the weather was amazing, just as the main bulk of the riders approached the split. I think the thought of carrying on in those conditions caused a lot of riders to turn right at the roundabout and call it a day. ALthough some did get changed into dry clothing and go back out!

Thanks again