Thursday, 11 June 2009

Stokenchurch/Watlington Off Road Ride

We've been riding the off road course today ready for the weekend (with the change of venue remember we're now starting in Watlington rather than Stokenchurch).

The route has a bit of everything and what I think is some really enjoyable riding, it takes in parts of the Ridgeway (not so much fun) and Chiltern way (surprisingly good) as it heads down towards Nettlebed and then back up to Watlington.

If you can manage the long extension it's well worth doing, from the split you hardly need to pedal for the first mile as you ride down Devil's Hill which is nice flowing path with maybe a few roots, rocks and slippy bits to keep you on your toes :-)

Trails are fairly dry and with more dry weather forecast tomorrow it should be even better by Saturday.

Oh and there's a field with loads of poppies if that's your kind of thing.


NickWH said...


Are you going to put the GPX files up?

Jules said...

Any indication as to the routes? Can't find them for Saturday anywhere on the site. HELP!

Mark said...

GPX routes are now available for download, links on the right hand side of the page, sorry for the delay

The Ride It! Team said...


We don't publish the GPX routes until we have put the courses out and are sure they are right. The Road is usually put out on Thursday and off road on Friday. Unfortunately due to an administration error (I left the road arrows in Gatwick!) we put the courses out the other way around this time.

As soon as Mark got back and confirmed the route, it was sent to him to be put on the blog.

I know it's a bit last minute, but we'd rather give you the correct, up to date files than old routes.