Thursday, 30 July 2009

Great Missenden Road Route

We've been out on the bikes today getting the road route ready for Sunday.

For those that came last year it will all seem a bit familiar as the route hasn't really changed. From Great Missenden it heads, with a few twists and turns, in the general direction of Tring, then up past Ivinghoe Beacon before heading back going near Aston Clinton and Wendover.

It's not mega hilly but there's a couple of climbs to test your legs, the one up out of Aldbury and the one up Aston Hill (where they used to test early Aston Martins) are probably the only two longish climbs to look out for.

You should also be in for a fast finish as it's mainly flat or downhill for the last few miles, once you see the 10k marker and do the short steep climb up from Little London you'll find you'll be back at the finish in no time. It took Dean less than 20 minutes even with having to stop a couple of times every mile to put the signs up.

Route options available on Sunday are going to be -

  • Fun 11 miles
  • Short 27 miles
  • Medium 60 miles
  • Long 87 miles

GPX route files are also now available for download


Mickey said...

I see that the off road routes are posted too. Are they correct?

Mark said...

Yep, the off road gpx files are correct

Nathan said...

Great route, really enjoyed it today. Will you be posting peoples times on the blog?

Mark said...

Times will be posted on the main Evans Cycles site, they'll probably be there sometime on Monday, the link is

Allan said...

Another well organised Evans' ride. Thanks, really enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks - I had a great ride yesterday, with a nice bunch of 6 or so riders for most of the medium route. Little London hill hurt a bit after 50 miles (my longest ride to date!), and there were a few single-track roads which made me wonder if I was on the off-road route, but otherwise a very enjoyable day.

Keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

Must be me???

Best countryside around and some great roads, so why do I feel so aggreived with some sections for the Sunday Sportif?? Maybe it's me, but single track covered lanes, oncoming local traffic and pot holes ain't my bag with a carbon bike and carbon wheels...

Overall well organised as usual, but you need to change the single track lanes to get me back again, shame really because I think Evans has missed a great opportunity given the area..

The Ride It! Team said...

Hi All

Thanks for the comments.

I've noted the comments about the country lanes. As you may have noticed from the route description, the route was the same as last year. In that time, some of the less used lanes have got a lot worse and this wasn't helped by the downpour on Saturday washing debris on to them.

Anyway, next year we'll cut out as many as possible (some small links may still be needed, but I can get rid of that sharp left hander at the bottom of the hill!!)


The Ride It! Team said...
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Daumantas Mockus said...

Hi, I was wondering if there is a forum of some sort where I could find a ride share to your next event? I see that there are no trains going to Costwolds that get there in the morning before the event on Sunday August 16. How is the event staff getting there?


Mark said...

Hi Daumantas - there's no forum like that at the moment, I guess it's something we could look into although not sure how easy it would be to set up.

We're staying locally and then driving to the venue on Sunday morning. Where are you trying to get there from?

Daumantas Mockus said...

Thanks, Mark. I am based in London and try to make it to the Ride It events whenever I can but sometimes the train schedule just doesn't work. I have a few friends who often run into the same problem. It would be great to have a forum where one could get in touch with people who are driving there in their cars (with bike racks) and potentially have a spot for another rider. Also, have you ever considered renting a van or a bus that could accommodate riders traveling to events from London? I am sure there would be plenty of demand, even for a fee. Thanks!

Mark said...

Rather than a forum I've set up a google group which should allow for the kind of thing you're asking for -

Daumantas Mockus said...

Great, thanks! Are you going to put a link to this group on your website so that other people ca join as well?