Monday, 24 August 2009

Dorking Rider Times

Saturday Off Road Rider Times

Sunday Road Rider Times


Matt said...

OK posted this in the wrong place last time.

I clocked the road ride on Sunday at nearly 89 miles not 85 as it says on the spread sheet.

Is my bike comp that far out? I didn't get lost this time either?


Mark said...

Hi Matt,
It's always tricky with ride distances and cycle computers, every weekend some riders will come back and say it's shorter and others that it's longer.

We get our ride distance figure from our Memory Map software, we're not claiming it's 100% accurate but think it's pretty close. Sometimes it's possible that the mapping software can cut corners (more so on the off road courses) which can mean a small difference compared to actually riding the course.

It may be worth you checking your cycle computer calibration just for your own peace of mind or use it as an excuse to invest in a shiny new gps based one :-)