Thursday, 13 August 2009

What a difference a name makes!

Road Ride, Sunday.

Last year was the first year of the Ride It! events run by Evans. We put together a list of venues and named the "Away" events according to the nearest Evans store. For this weekend we were near Bristol and in Kingswood, so called it Bristol - Kingswood. On the day, we discovered that there is actually an suburb of Bristol called Kingswood and this is 20miles from the event centre in the Cotswolds. We got about 140 riders total for that ride! This year we called it "The Cotswolds" and our Pre-entry alone is up to 240ish!!! I'm now panicking about car parking and am trawling local farmers for fields. So you may need to have a little walk to the event centre if you arrive late.....

As for the ride, well surprisingly, it's fairly flat. From Kingswood we head out West all the way to the River Severn and back to Wooton-under-Edge. Here the Short ride splits off and back to the centre whilst everyone else gets to attack the biggest hill of the day, Wooton Hill at 450ft in 2 miles. Once you're up, you stay up, and the rest of the route is generally flat, rolling countryside with the Long route reaching the Cotswolds Water Park before heading back to the Start. A couple of miles before you reach home is the final descent through Alderley, dropping 400ft in two miles.

We had some nice biking weather today, overcast, dry and still, let's cross fingers for Sunday ( and some parking!! )

GPX routes appearing soon.