Friday, 25 September 2009

Lakes Off Road, another toughie!

The Lakes are a great place for mountain biking! As a team it's one of our favourite events of the year and the only one we stay around after for some personal riding time.

So what have we go in store for you this year? Well, after leaving Coniston the first thing you have to do is a big climb (well this is a level 4 ride in the Lakes). The Medium splits at the top of this and goes on to ridge overlooking Coniston. If you have a camera, now is the time to get some moody pictures of the awesome scenery and the Old Man of Coniston (It's a hill, not Mike). From here there is a fast exhilarating descent through Low Parkamoor and down to the road at High Nibthwaite. A road climb brings you to Bethecar Moor and another down to the drink station. (manned by Paul, our Kendal shop manager with some homemade cake) Now's your choice, medium or tackle the long? The long route consists of 4 climbs and descents, steep and techincal both ways. If you enjoy a bit of punishment, give it a go (please do not attempt to ride anything that is out of your skill range!! Walk around). Back to the Drink station and rejoin the Medium loop. Up again for a fast, fun decent into Hawkshead, a loop around Holm fell and a blatt along the new cycle trail will bring you back for some well deserved food and drink.

See you there