Friday, 30 October 2009

Cannock Event Centre Postcode

If you're using sat nav to get to our event this weekend please be aware that the postcode on the main Evans site (WS15 2UQ) won't take you to the actual event centre but to the Forestry Centre.

Where we are doesn't have it's own postcode but it's about 2 miles west of the Forestry Centre. We'll put up some Evans signs to direct you the last few miles.


barry said...

was so looking forward to my first RIDE IT but the weather was so crap this morning it put me off.sorry guys. will have to wait 12 months till you come back here but have got the route printed off so will have to go on my own.hope some brave souls turned up for you.

The Ride It! Team said...

Hi Barry,

Yep, 64 braved the wind, rain, neck deep puddles and falling trees.

As mentioned in the comments below, I full understand people looking out of the curtains and going back to bed.

See you next year.