Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Cannock Event Centre

Just arrived at the event centre. Little chill in the air but the sun's streaming through the trees, this has to be the prettiest venue we've had.

See if you can spot the van.

The venue is the Tackeroo Campsite on Penkridge Bank, which is about 1 mile west of the post code given on the website. We have basic facilities. There will be portaloos, but no changing facilities. Basically, I suggest you come in your cycling clothes and visit the loo before you set off in the morning!!

The rides leave the campsite and I've spotted a small play area at the back of the campsite which I'll have a look at later and try and get in the routes.

As mentioned before, if you fancy coming down to camp, you are more than welcome, there's no showers and basic portaloos, but you could make a weekend of it. £10 per tent/per night. Please mail me first though so I can allocate an area for you.



KevBaldry said...

I see that the forecast for tomorrow is a little grim - heavy rain and windy :-(

KevBaldry said...

...and today the weather was ... Grim!

Did the medium course - very wet to start and the wind on the final 10k climb!

Glad I got out of bed this morning and did the ride. Thanks to Evans' for putting the event on.

barry said...

sorry but it's put me off. have to wait 12 months for the next one

The Ride It! Team said...

I got up at 4am to drive and check the course.The stars were out and there was a slight breeze blowing the sides of the marquee. By 7am as I was pulling back into the campsite I was thinking that we were going to have an early finish. Surely no one was going to open there curtains and think "Looks like a good day to go for a bike ride" But from 7.30am they surely did, 64 in total. Thanks to you all for making the effort, with a large percentage even opting for the long rouite ( special mention to the guys who came 140miles from Hull and stayed over at a local hotel on Saturday night )

To all those who did go back to bed, I fully understand!

I'd also like to thank the person who padlocked the gate on Saturday night between 8pm and 4pm, effectively locking us on the campsite. We'd hired the whole campsite and had keys to the gate. Somebody turned up and attached their own chain and lock, which was a bit of a suprise to me at 4am. I used the biggest lever in the back of the van (A Park Tool workstand ) to twist and break the chain. Realy can't understand why someone did it.


Anonymous said...

Who locked the gate?

I'm guessing trick or treaters who'd been denied access to the big tub of sweets!