Friday, 23 October 2009

Cliddesden GPX Routes

These are now available to download, sorry for the delay.

As before there's two versions, the normal gpx file and a version that's been run through Bike Route Toaster (BRT) that seems to make gpx files a bit more garmin friendly.

If you use garmin versions can you let us know if they work? Creating two versions is obviously extra work for us, which is fine if they actually work, but a bit pointless they still cause problems running our routes on your garmins.


Paul said...

BRT works best but you need to rename the file without .xml

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the brt files - couldn't get the others to load.

David Stone said...

GPX files do not seem to work on the Edge 705, BRT ok but few instruction and mileage exceeds those stated

Jeff said...

Could someone please fix the ride-it web site? There's a link at that says "Click here for more detail on the Sunday sportive road rides" that goes nowhere, so it's a little hard to find out details of how this works.

I've been reporting this through the web feedback link monthly for a long time now, but unsurprisingly those comments are ignored.

fatboy63 said...

Being a creature of habit, I up loaded normal route to Bike Route Toaster then loaded it onto my Garmin. Perfect. Enjoy the ride Sunday

fatboy63 said...

You can manually upload Non BRT route to Bike Route Toaster and send to Garmin device. Being a creature of habit thats what I did and works perfectly. Have a great ride Sunday and heres to some good weather.

Baz said...

Is there an average time/goal to aim for on the route? as I see the other ride it's results are posted with an overall time.

Anonymous said...

Folks, well done on organising today's MTB ride. However, could I ask a favour? Please could you try to notify local landowners, or at least post up signs to notify people of the ride?

We had MTB riders cycling straight down a line of shotguns today. Silent bikes and shooters with ear defenders really don't mix. Everyone was perfectly legal on both sides, and everyone was quite within their rights to be where they were - I'm not disputing that - but with a bit of notification the guns could have planned to be elsewhere today.

Maybe next year you could switch the MTB to Sunday? That way there's no risk of guns and bikes crossing paths anywhere on the route?

Not a grump - I was shooting today and will be cycling the road route tomorrow - just a request for greater cooperation.

The Ride It! Team said...


We do try to notify everyone as far as possible. The problem is that there's 30 miles of route and quite a few landowners and other events happening. When we do find out, I try to speak to the person or organiser involved. I am building a list for each event of people to contact, so if you're part of the gun club and would like me to contact you in the future, please mail me you're info.


The Ride It! Team said...

Thanks for all your feed back about the GPX/BRT routes. I had a man from Memory Map at the venue today so was able to ask him about this.

It seems that I might be saving the wrong type of route/track. Basically I plot the routes as Routes with way points and save these as GPX files. If I convert these to a Track and save them, this might solve the problem.

The Man is going to look at the routes and let me know.


The Ride It! Team said...


As the rides are not races, we publish the times for info only. To give you some idea of how you got on we give you an average riding speed and then the overall average for that ride length.


The Ride It! Team said...


Did you mail me? I received a mail from someone about this and asked for more info about where the link was, but didn't get a response.

Had a look and found it right at the bottom of the front page. This is, however, just a link to the page that is titled "Sportive road ride info" found at the top of that page on the left, in the Ride It! menu. All the info can be found there.

I will get the dodgy link sorted next week.


Anonymous said...


I used the non-BRT gpx files, ran them through gpx2crs.exe (which is easy to find freeware on the web) to generate a Garmin course file (.crs).
With this you can set target times or add indications for climbs or sharp corners. Then you can import the .crs file into the Garmin Training centre to save it or add extra course points (e.g. when the drinks are coming up or danger areas), load it straight into the Garmin no problem and then use the Garmin training > advanced > course selection on the device itself to follow the route. This eliminates issues with the 100 waypoint limit on the Garmin 305 and means you can run 'virtual partner' etc etc if you want to test yourself.

If you have Memory map you could save a 'track' or a 'route' as a .gpx and do the same.

Never had any problems doing this. Just a real pain that the Garmin doesnt like raw .gpx files.