Monday, 12 October 2009

Nottingham Rider times

Just a quick apology for the lateness of rider times.

One (or perhaps two) of the staff wasn't feeling too great on Sunday,which meant that all the info wasn't inputted onto the computer on the day. I then had to have my computer synced to our network at Head Office which usually takes 3-4 hours, but today was a tad over 7!! Which meant that after getting up at 5am and travelling down from Nottingham, syncing at 10am and leaving at 5pm to get to Reading for a dinner date at 7pm there hasn't been enough time to do the times.

They will be done tomorrow (Tuesday) All sent to the relevant people, so just waiting for a posting

We now have a hat stand and I'm surprised that there aren't any pictures of it yet......



Anonymous said...

Is that a dinner date with the hat stand?

The Ride It! Team said...

I'm afraid not. As you can see from the post above, the hatstand resisted all my best moves and decided to go back to Little Jons hotel room. Although he did have to pay for it.

On Sunday morning I caught him leaving the room with it and a sheepish smile on his face. During the bits of Sunday I remember, I'm sure it was hanging around his workbench like a groupie before sitting up front with him for the journey home...

(A now recovered)Dean