Friday, 9 October 2009

Nottingham Road Ride

Whilst the boys are out putting up the Off road route today, I'm stuck in the Travelodge again doing the paperwork.

Yesterday was a glourious day. The roads are in great condition, the sun was out, there was no wind and the course is realatively flat and fast. Todays a bit overcast, but the forecast for the weekend is looking OK.

My section of the ride went through Clumber Park which is National Trust land. Two of the pictures below were taken on the road through the Park which is tree lined and quiet, a most enjoyable ride!

We always check our rides before publishing the GPX routes and yesterday justified that process. Keith was out on the Long route when, in the middle of nowhere, he spied a lorry across the road, then a digger and finally a huge hole across the road. He asked a workman if the hole was going to be filled before the weekend, but unfortunately it's not. He was advised that he could climb around the crater, but decided this wasn't a safe option for you lot!! So the Long route has been shortened and the maps and GPX routes amended.