Thursday, 26 November 2009

Biggin Hill - Not For The Squeamish

Saturday afternoon, a rider walked into the school and asked for a bandage for a cut. Looking at him I could see some blood coming out of the left short leg, although a lot of it looked dry and old. Sitting him down I peeled back the shorts to reveal a rather large gash which then dripped blood all over the floor!

A quick bandaging later and it was off to casualty for Carl Burrows. They gave up trying to get the dirt out and sent him home to wash it out in the bath using the shower attachment. Then back to the hospital for 24 stiches!

Turns out he did it quite early on in the ride, but carried on to the finish with a hole in his leg.

I will post the after photos as a link but here's the after shot to give you the idea.

Before shots -

Not for the feint hearted

He also did £1500 of damage to his Rolex.

Thanks for the Photos Carl,


OSMJunkie said...

SO harsh! Not what I should have looked at ahead of my first RideIt event. Hey ho, only the brave.