Friday, 4 December 2009

Dorking Off Road

Looks like we were lucky with the weather today for marking out the route, as for the trail conditions, guess what, it's a bit muddy :-)

Most of the route seemed rideable today although rain is forecast tonight and after a few riders have gone through you guys are probably going to have it tougher than we did today. We did decide to change the end of the route to avoid some of the worse mud (where they've been doing tree felling) but that still leaves a tough final muddy climb back up to Ranmore Common to finish the medium and long routes.

There's also a lot of leaf cover on the ground which does make it slippery as well as hiding things like tree roots on some of the descents so just take it easy and stay in control.

If you fancy a bit of night riding remember there is a night ride option this weekend as well.

GPX route files are now available to download over on the right hand side of the blog.


Richard Lewisohn said...

It looks like the long route is 70 miles. The 'medium' route is 23 miles, and the 'short' route is 31 miles.

Is there a mistake in the map, if is the 'medium' route the one called 'short' at 31 miles?

I got the lengths by importing them into map my ride:

I'd be grateful if someone would give me a clue. 70 miles is a long way in the rain, but the other routes are... short.

Mark said...

Hi Richard,
There's been a bit of a mix up with medium gpx files, the medium road gpx is actually the medium off road gpx, hence the distance being wrong.

The medium road is a bit over 50 miles.

Dean's out checking the off road night course this evening and he's got the right gpx file on his laptop so I can't fix it at the moment.

Richard Lewisohn said...

Thanks for that. I haven't been able to import the .gpx file into my Edge705. The downloaded files end in .xml. Is that correct?

I managed to import it into mapmyride in the hope of exporting a standard .gpx file, but that didn't work either.

And while I'm here, are there any feed stations?

Kind regards


Mark said...

When I download the files they're .gpx not .xml so not sure what's happening there. When you click on the link it should take you to webpage where we host the files.

The Edge 705 doesn't support the generic gpx files very well, you can use sites like to get them onto your device.

There are drink stations, one manned with a mechanic. There's usually some bananas available at the manned drink station but you should plan on carrying your own food.