Thursday, 10 December 2009

That's all folks......

Well for this year anyway.

We've had an amazing 2009, better than we'd hoped for.

Just a few figures for you.

Total entries for the year come in at 10,102 and the events are getting bigger!

Gore clothing. We've loaned out 842 items of clothing. Nearly a third of this figure is from the last 4 events which just shows what sort of weather we've been having.

Maps. Generally we produce one double sided map per day, so 2 maps per weekend equals 4 full colour photocopies which equates to 40,408 copies! All printed on Toughprint waterproof paper.

New photocopiers - 1

SIS bars and gels, 12,000

Demo bikes loaned out (since May) - 298

Dodgy pints of Cider drunk -10

Days lost due to dodgy pints of cider - 1

I'm off now until the 4th of Jan 2010, so :-

Happy Christmas from all of the Ride It team.

We'll see you in 2010