Thursday, 7 January 2010

Chieveley ride this weekend.

Hi Everyone.

Just had an idea. Would anyone be up for a ride this Saturday? I have the hall booked and therefore the parking available so it'd be a shame to waste it by not going out in the snow!!

Here's what I'm thinking:-

Meet at the village hall about 9.30am.
Leave for the ride at 10am. (On the dot!!!!)
We'll go around as a group as a fun ride.

We can do what was the medium route of about 24miles with the option of a shorter 10 mile loop for those who fancy it or are struggling.

Conditions of riding with me are as follows:-

This ride has nothing to do with Evans Cycles. You are joining me for a personal ride which I am riding for myself, not as a paid employee of Evans. There is no fee for the ride and it does not affect your refund from the planned Ride It event.

As such it is not supported and you should carry your own food, spares, equipment etc. and be suitable dressed. There will be no spares available to buy from myself or Evans.

I accept no responsibility for the conditions of the trails or any roads. It's winter, snowy and cold.,there will be snow, ice and mud. If you come out then you should be comfortable with riding in these conditions and accept such consequences.

You should be of a standard of fitness that would allow you to ride 24miles off road. If not, you will hold up the group and we'll all get cold!! That said, I envisage the pace to be quite slow, so don't worry if you're not a whippet, just make sure you can go the distance.

Lastly, I repeat, this is a personal ride. I accept no responsibility for you or your actions.

Sorry to put in so many conditions but I just want to go out for a fun ride and have some company without worrying about recriminations!!!

Anyway, if you fancy coming along send me a mail
with your name and say that you accept the conditions stated on the Blog.

I'll see you there!