Friday, 12 February 2010

IMPORTANT - The best laid plans........

I have just been approached be a local Bike club about a clash with our route on Sundays Road Ride. They have a Time Trial that uses the same route as us along a country road and at a time in the morning when the main bulk of our riders will be going through. As they only use 3 roads it's a bit difficult for them to change their route, so we'll be changing ours. We still use a portion of their route but in the opposite direction on a main road, so shouldn't cause any problems.

The upshot of this is that the GPX routes will change. I have to do these now and send them to Mark, but as time is getting on I can't see them being published until tomorrow. Look for Version 2.

The maps will also need to be changed, but as we have already printed off 300, I will post up a master map at the start so you can change yours if you want. Don't forget, the maps are only a back up anyway as the whole route is fully marked.

Thanks for your understanding