Thursday, 18 March 2010

Leeds on the Road

We've finished putting out the road course for Sunday and the general consensus was that today was windy!! I didn't mind too much as I was marking the long loop which ascends to the highest point of the day with a following wind, all help gratefully received :-) It did get a bit hairy on the long descent with a cross wind though......

As I mentioned below, we've cut back the distances a bit due to the amount of climbing and upgraded it to a 3 on the website. Generally you'll be going up or down, there isn't that much flat around here, although it tends to be short, sharp climbs followed by gradual inclines. If you're doing the long route there is a stunningly beautiful section along the Wharfe Dale Valley, passing Bolton Abbey in the process.
As mentioned last year, there are also some brilliant place names along the route, such as:-

The Valley of Desolation

Dibbles Bridge

Catherine or Katty White's allotments

Some other sights:-

A Chinook in Wharfe Dale

Barden Tower.
GPX routes will be up tomorrow. There are now 12 different versions, so we'll upload them all at once.