Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Watlington Results Update

We have run the MTB race with the new software and have got results!!! Yay.

I will put these into a recognisable format tomorrow morning and publish them asap.

Mark will be running the Road times tomorrow morning, so all going well all times will be up by tomorrow night.

Thanks for your patience.


Now available to download -


David said...

are you telling me that 2 people averaged the medium road course in at over 24 miles per hour?!

chapeau! if it's correct, but I doubt it!

Mark said...

Hi David,
24mph would certainly be impressive, it's always difficult for us to know if people change courses unless they come and tell us.

As it's not a race and there are no prizes at stake we leave it down to the riders to inform us if they change route. Inevitably not everyone does so some riders end up in the wrong category.

We do try and make a judgement and move riders if we think the times aren't realistic but sometimes it's hard to know where to draw the line as we do get some really quick riders.

The Ride It! Team said...

As Mark has indicated, there are always some odd times when we come to do the results. This was doubly so with these results as we had a few problems with timing. Before I shuffled things about we had some riders averaging 74mph, now that's impressive!!


Anonymous said...

First off, thanks for a great day's cycling and a thoroughly impressive event - please repeat in the future. No doubt the longer courses would prove quite testing in less favourable conditions. An excellent choice of routes appealing to a wide variety of cyslists resulted in a great buzz in the event HQ, great to see so many youngsters taking part. I have two minot points, one is that the loop out after the fantastic Bledlow Ridge to Chinnor and Thame was of little value - poor roads, grumpy drivers (busy) and largely featureless. I'd have sooner done a few extra (lumpy) kms up on top of the Chiltern ridge. Secondly, my time posted on the results was exactly 1 hour less than actual - I suspect a processing glitch, but just a heads up for bedding in using your new timing system. It goes to show that really if times are so important, then the onus is on the competitor to run a clock themselves too. Most seasoned time trialists would already be aware of the fallibility of time controls for any number of reasons.

Cheers, Phil Ward, OUCC §216

Mark said...

Thanks for the feedback Phil, we've learnt a lot about the timing system over the last week or so, hopefully we'll get things sorted out for the next event. The hour difference observation is interesting, not quite sure why that would happen but it gives us something to investigate.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm very pleased your timing system says I did the medium course in 2h49ish - my less advanced stopwatch timing gave a time of nearer 4h50 ;-)

Great day out all the same - hope you get the timing system fixed for the next one !


The Ride It! Team said...

That's because our timing system is faster than your stop watch :-)

We have run a few test races with the new software and everything seems to work, but the acid test will obviously be tomorrow.

Fingers crossed.