Thursday, 8 April 2010

IMPORTANT - Sunday Woking Road Sportive Full

Due to a huge pre entry demand this Sunday's Woking Sportive is now full, we won't be able to take any entries on the day so if you haven't pre entered I'm afraid you've missed out.

We are going to be tight with parking this weekend. Can I ask that everyone parks sensibly when they turn up, no leaving huge gaps between you and the next car! There will be someone directing the parking on both days so please look out for them and go where directed. If the onsite parking is full there is a lane a couple of hundred mtrs past the event centre on the left or a village car park (fee payable) on the other side of the village. Please park considerately and DO NOT park on the road or in the village hall carpark (click on the picture below for a larger map). Thanks Dean.

There's still spaces available for Saturday's mountain bike ride so we'll be doing on the day entries for Saturday's ride as usual. If you missed out on the road ride why not dust off the mountain bike and join us on Saturday instead.


David said...

bugger! only just got back from Barca and was going to do this one!

Anonymous said...

wow ... is that a first for being full up ?

Mark said...

Yep, it's a first for us not being able to do entries on the day. The venue just doesn't have enough parking space for us to open it up to more riders.

David said...

so much for the price increase. you need to put it up by more!

Anonymous said...

So what about people that live in Woking and are/were going to ride there?

Also my girlfriend is entering the fun ride are they still open?

The Ride It! Team said...

We can take entries from people who ride over, the problem is simply where to park everyone!!

To give you some idea of why we've had to close on-the-day entries. Last year we had about 400 riders over both days and half of these were pre-entries. We work on the rule that total number of riders is double the pre-entries and this seems to work at most events. We have 630 pre-entries, 450 of which are for the road. This would equate to 900 riders on Sunday and the site simply can't cope with that amount! I've been trying to get some extra parking but there is nothing in the imediate area.

There has been a rush of on-line entries over the last few days, perhaps people were looking at the weather, and this has caught us out!

Dave,yeah kind of bad timing to put up the entry fee and then sell out! If the number of riders stays at this level we may have to employ some more staff though with the extra dosh.


The Ride It! Team said...

Just to add that although I don't mind entering you if you're local and don't drive, if you have not entered, please do not drive and then say you are local. This will be unfair to the genuine locals and if i suspect this is the case I won't accept any entries on the day in future.

Thanks for your understanding.

Anonymous said...


I have missed the entry but can get a lift with a mate who has entered hence, won't add to the car park burden.

Will you accept an on the day from me on this basis?



Anonymous said...

I'm local and pre-registered, but I'll still be cycling to the event centre. Hope that helps. :-)

BTW - any chance of GPX files for Sunday sometime soon?


The Ride It! Team said...

Harvey, yes if you promise not to bring a car.


On it now, but we do say about 7pm on the Friday.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dean,

I'm glad I took the time to read this blog, because otherwise I would have stayed home on Sunday and I live in Woking. I have not pre-entered due to waiting for weather and work to be sorted, but been planning on riding it for months, and have been upset at the thought that I cannot join at the last minute.

I'm only doing the short 12 mile ride as am still a beginner rider, but trying to get up my confidence to do a longer ride at a later date. I plan on cycling there and back, so that will add a further 8 miles to my ride anyway.

I will be with 2 others who are doing the 30mile ride, so we will all cycle to the start then go our own ways as necessary.

Thanks for clearing this up, as I'm now much happier and will see everyone on Sunday!


The Ride It! Team said...

Hi Sam.

No problems