Tuesday, 27 April 2010

MK photos

Thanks to everyone who came along to the ride at the weekend. We managed to get everyone parked with about 6-10 spaces to spare on both days, and with those that rode in, this turned out to be the biggest MK event so far.

The obvious differance between the two days was the weather. Saturdays Mtb ride was bathed in sunshine with riders eating their post ride food on the grass outside. Sundays Sportive started off with a horrible dribble which gradually cleared up during the course of the day, but never quite made it to the T-shirt and pasta on the lawn type temperatures.

This is best shown by looking at the photos in the link below, taken by Apricot Images who were out on the course taking pics of you all.




Patrick said...

Hi guys,

Have you considered setting up a facebook events page for each of these rides? I see there's a fan site on FB for the mountain bike rides, but nothing for the road rides. It could be a good way for people to link up before and after each ride?



The Ride It! Team said...

Hi Patrick

There are changes afoot! The Ride It team wanted a blog so we could operate independantly of the main site and have a bit of freedom. Those higher up the comand chain saw it as a way of seeing if a blog worked! I'm please to say that it has and there will be a new Evans blog appearing in the near future, they've even nicked our name. The rides section will be one of 4 tabs along the top and all the usual and more will appear.

Part of all this development is Facebook, twitter etc so it should all go live around then.