Saturday, 22 May 2010

Last minute details

Car Parking
Parking will be tight tomorrow. If you can ride or find other alterantives, great. Please follow directions of marshals and park as close as you can.

If we do run out of space, there is parking on the roads on the estate opposite. We can't tell you to park in the estates themselves as we don't have permission from the landlords. If you choose to park there infront of buildings that are closed on Sunday, you do so entirely at your own risk.


At registration you will be given tickets for breakfast and a drink, please go to the catering tent and had these in there. When you finish the ride and hand back your chip you will recieve more tickets for pasta and a drink.

The is rumour of a coffee wagon turning up! If he does we will put him on the road opposite so please queue on the path. This is not free!

Start times

Some people have been reading there confirmation e-mails!! Unfortunately some of these have the wrong start times.

Correct times are:-

Registration opens 5am

Full course 6 - 8am
Half course 7 -9am

Sorry for the confusion.



Hatts said...

Where is the GPX of route? I have been looking since yesterday when it was supposed to be there. It is less than 24 hour to go to the ride.

The Ride It! Team said...


As stated below, GPX route will be up after the route is checked and ok.

Later on this afternoon.