Monday, 10 May 2010

Reading MTB Times

Can be found here -
Reading MTB Rider Times

Right, off to bed!


telladam said...

Despite being the second slowest person round the long course I still had a brilliant day out. Thanks for all the organisation and effort, I'll remember this ride for a long time.

Mark said...

Hi Adam, it's not a race so don't worry about the time, as long as you enjoyed it that's the important thing :-)

Anonymous said...

How are we supposed to view these times? I Just get "internet explorer cannot display this page"


Mark said...

I think it must be a local problem to you, it works fine on my pc and I can see from the stats that the page has been viewed around 100 times so others must be able to access it too.

The direct link is

Anonymous said...

anyone know if the photos are gonna be uploaded?

rsphotos2010 said...

I am a photo student at Bracknell College and took about 150 shots for my final project. Will be on flickr in next few days.
Hope you were included.

rsphotos2010 said...

Photos have now been uploaded. Enjoy