Thursday, 20 May 2010

Ride distances and heights

As mentioned below we rode the whole route a couple of days ago. Both myself and Mike had gps units running for the ride, mine was a bit power hungry as I was using it to navigate so ran out of life. Luckily I knew this would be a problem and had a back up unit, but this still meant I didn't continuously track the whole route. From Mikes gps we got some details which are slightly different to the advertised lengths, although we did do some extra mileage taking photos etc, so here they are:-

First loop 54 miles
Second loop 60 miles

Total 114 miles

I know most of you record your ride, so if you'd like to post here after the ride the lengths you get, I'd be interested to know what everyone recorded.



Anonymous said...

logged it as 114.9 miles and with 7461 feet of climbing