Thursday, 3 June 2010

Thirsk this weekend

If ever there was justification for not publishing GPX files until the last minute, today was it. I was tasked with putting out the long loop on Sundays road ride, which last year was an enjoyable ride over the Moors on roads in the middle of nowhere. This year I started off in the blistering sunshine, cranking up hill from Hutton Le Hole before a pretty hairy descent into Rosedale Abbey ( More about this later). Which is where I found the road closed sign. This is the only road going in the direction that I needed to go so a look at the map was required. The only alternative started off with a 5 Chevron climb, adding in another 5 or 6 steep climbs before joining the route. This is where the MM adventurer came into it's own. I sat down and redesigned the route, scrolling and zooming until I had an alternative. It's not quite as remote, but it is on good roads through the beautiful countryside in these parts.

I took some photos but the connection is so slow here ( In a campsite on a dongle) they'll take forever to upload, so you'll just have to see for yourselves!

A few instructions for this weekend -


Is limited but looking at the pre-entries this hopefully won't be an issue. You will be directed where to park by a marshal. Please don't use the pay and display, you will be issued a ticket when you register to place in your car.


There is a restaurant/kiosk at the centre so we wont be selling food after your ride. In the morning there will be Tea, coffee, bars, cake etc available to purchase as normal.

Long ride

As mentioned above, there is a hairy descent into Rosedale Abbey. There will be caution signs (by the "Cyclists Dismount" sign!!) placed on the descent but if they have been removed here's a tip. Do not release the brakes until after the 3rd hairpin, keep your speed down and hang your bum over the back wheel!!!

GPX routes up tomorrow.