Monday, 5 July 2010

Peaks Rider Times


Thanks to everyone who showed up over the weekend for our toughest Ride It of the year. Despite the problems with the website gradings, the majority of riders had a great, if hard ride in the Peaks. Despite the Sportive ride being reduced to 68miles, no one took the offer to ride the long loop twice and extend their ride to 90miles, which I think justifies the reduction in miles ( Although the wind might have had something to do with it! )

On both days there was a local photographer on the route, photos available here:-

Although with so many events being run on Sunday on the same roads, quite a few on the pics are not from our ride - good hunting!!

So to the times. Quite a lot of slow averages, especially on the MTB ride, but that was only to be expected with those pesky hills. Excel spreadsheets will be available on the main Evans Ride It website in the near future.

MTB rider times
Sportive rider times