Friday, 2 July 2010

Peaks this weekend

Firstly a few apologies.

There's been a few discrepancies with the Peaks page of our website. Firstly there was a Long MTB route shown and secondly the grades where wrong, these have been rectified and hope fully everyone who was pre-entered has had a mail from me stating the changes.

Simply put. The ride was shown as much easier than it is and therefore the ride distances are actually less than shown as the routes are harder!

Anyway, the routes are out and the riding is great as usual, a small shower last night has dampened down the trail dust and the roads are in pretty good condition!

The off-road route takes you over Jacobs ladder (Medium route) and the Sportive takes on Snake Pass, two classics of the area, so get those cycling legs on :-)
Lastly, if you're training for an Ironman event like Keith, don't forget your towel as the campsite doesn't do "Macho"

But do make sure you remember your inflatable mattress with electric pump ( because pumping it up by hand is a bit too much effort!!)