Monday, 23 February 2009

Scotland this weekend

We're off to Scotland for this weekends event soon, so a quick run down of whats going on.

Saturday is the Off road ride and uses the trails around the David Marshal Lodge in Aberfoyle. The trail are mainly firetracks around the forests leading up to some fantastic views over the surrounding countryside. There are sections of single track spread about the ride with the medium using some purposely made stretches to finish on.

The Road ride has three loops give distances of approx,25, 50 and 70 miles. These will be in the valleys and around the Lochs of the area. Climb wise, you'll have the Dukes pass to do either once or twice depending upon your choice of route. Again, some stunning scenery on relatively quiet roads should make this a great day out.

As per usual, the Gore free demo service will be available - kit yourself put with lovely clothing for the day and give it back dirty at the end of the ride, free of charge.

As usual, we'll be updating the Blogg on a daily basis towards the end of the week with reports on the ground conditions etc.