Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The right desicion?

After waking up on Sunday morning to mild weather ( Gotta love those weather forecasters!) I was wondering if I'd done the right thing. The TCR show was going to be a good event for us, with our highest ever Road pre-entry and a passing traffic of riders going to the show who we could try and get interested in the series. I spent Sunday morning in a T-shirt telling riders who did turn up that the ride was cancelled due to bad weather! The first guy to arrive had stayed off the beer on Saturday night in order to ride on Sunday which was also his birthday. How bad did I feel!!! Still, he left with a Gore Birthday pressie. The last rider to turn up did so at 10.35am after a train journey and a 10 mile ride. She was in such a rush to get to us that she pushed her bike through the 10km runners and ran up asking "Am I too late?" No, she wasn't.

Anyway, in the afternoon I drove home in sunglasses and the window down with loads of questions going through my head about should I have run it. The answer came on Monday morning when I found out some Mountain bikers from our Head Office had been up on Boxhill on Sunday and said that the roads were sketchy. Although our route didn't go there, we did go that high and our routes would have been as icy.

So, right desicion.

Next event is in sunny Scotland..........