Tuesday, 12 May 2009

KOTD Routes

Had a bit of a frantic day today as we've discovered that there is a Triathalon taking place on part of our route! What's worse is that we both converge on the small village of Hartfield at roughly the same time and go through traffic calming together. Having 1500 riders from two events squeezed through a bootleneck is just asking for trouble so we've changed our route slightly to avoid the Tri. This has added a few miles to the route, so in compensation we've shortened the first loop and changed the climb up to Pitch Hill, It's still slightly added to the overall length of the route but made one of the climbs easier. See, we do care!!

The GPX routes should be appearing on the right shortly.

Can I ask that if you do download the routes that you check again on Saturday night after we've put the route out to make sure we've not made any changes. Changed routes will have 1,2,3 etc after them.

Thanks Dean