Tuesday, 12 May 2009

KOTD GPX Route Files

Here's the links to download the gpx files for the King of the Downs Sportive -

Full Distance

Half Distance

If you're GPS doesn't support gpx files, then sites like bikeroutetoaster.com maybe be able to help you convert it into something you can use.

If you're wondering what a gpx file is, it allows you to upload a copy of the route to your GPS Computer. If you haven't got a GPS you can also use gpx files with Google Earth and explore the route in advance from the comfort of your PC.


Anonymous said...

For anyone interested I have plotted the route on GPSies.com. This follows roads, which the GPX file that has been posted on the Evans site doesn't seem to.

Go to:

Using the Garmin Communicator plug-in you can download direct to your device.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Have tried downloading both yours and Evans gpx to my Edge 705. But it keeps saying 'Limit to 100 points for follow road navigation'. What can I do to overcome this ? Sorry if it's dumb question as I'm new to this Garmin technology. Thanks in advance !

The Ride It! Team said...


The 605 and 705 need a bit of software update that I'm waiting for from Garmin.....

If you use Biketoaster (follow link from blog) I think that'll sort out your problems.

Sorry, but our resident GPS guru has escaped for a holiday this weekend, so I'm a little in the dark as well!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Dean. Will give the link a try. If not, it will be back to the good old pink signs !

steve said...

I think this is something to do with courses and rides i.e. the way Garmin saves the data.

You need to save it as a *.tcx file in the courses folder on your Garmin device (mine's a 705).

I used bikeroutetoaster but I think mapmyride.com works well too.
Worked well especially as on one occasion the pink signs were not there