Thursday, 25 June 2009

Sunny Peaks road ride

Today has been mostly Sunny. With a bit of wind. Generally against me, uphill!! This ride is one of the most scenic rides we do, taking in some classic climbs and descents in beautiful countryside. You're going to have to work though. The routes have been reduced due to the large amount of hills, with the short coming in at 29miles, the medium is 49 and the long 69. Don't be dissapointed though, the long has a total climb of a tad over 9000ft or over twice Ben Nevis. Adding miles on just added climbing with a 90mile route clocking in at a minimum 12,000ft!! So I cut back on the miles a bit to make it an enjoyable day out for everyone.

The weather forecast is for a dry weekend, so come out and work on those tans.


PS GPX routes should appear tonight.


Geoff E said...

Guys, I've got a garmin edge 605, tried to upload the gpx for the medium route and when I try and navigate the route I get a "Only 100 points can be used for the follow road navigation" error? Does anyone have any idea on how to get over this? Its probably just a setting on the darn thing.... thanks..

Anonymous said...

I've downloaded the GPX file for the long road route for my Garmin Edge 705. When i select the route for the unit to read it is just giving me the following message "Only 100 points can be used for follow road navigation".
Do you have any idea what this means and how i can get it to work on the Edge? Any tips/help in order to get it working for Sunday would be much appreciated.



Anonymous said...

Me and my son did the Sunday fun route but the numerous very steep hills took away most of the fun!
We were warned but didn't think it would be that bad!
Very scenic anyway and well organised, so full credit to the organisers.

Looking forward to the Notts one as it looks a bit flatter!

Thanks also to the guys who helped bump-start my car afterwards when we realised the battery was dead, doh!


Anonymous said...

A little late now, but always convert gpx's to crs files with gpx2crs when using a edge, then follow the course