Thursday, 25 June 2009

Off road routes

Just thought I'd explain the lack of a long route GPX . There isn't one. Due to the terrain we are only doing a short (16miles(ish)) and Medium (26miles) As per the road route, don't let this fool you. The Medium route is a classic loop and a slightly different route was once classified by MBR as "hard" For those in the know, we go down Jacobs ladder on the Medium! Will try and get Tony and Keith to take some photos tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Will a gpx file of the mtb route be here today?

Mark said...

They're already available to download, check in the gpx section on the right hand side of the page

Mat Short said...

Went on this ride and did the medium(yeah right, long i mean!) route. It was a great ride, well organised and awesome terrain. I would warn anyone though who isn't used to serious riding that this was very tough!
I will be doing another ride with Evans. Well done on a great event.