Friday, 3 July 2009

Gatwick MTB Ride

We've just been out getting the mountain bike course ready for tomorrow. We've done a few events from Gatwick now so inevitable have to use some of the same trails but we have made a few changes from last time. You also now get the option of doing the long route option without the hassle of navigating to checkpoints as all the route options are fully waymarked.

Compared to the Peak District last weekend the route is fairly easy and with the dry(ish) ground we should see some fairly fast times.

GPX files are now available to download.


Brooner said...

Any advice on tyre selection for the Off Road? Looking at the map and given recent weather I should be able to get away with semi-slicks right?

Mark said...

I think you'll be fine on semi slicks (assuming it doesn't chuck it down tonight).

With the start being at the HQ you've got some road sections to do so you'll benefit more from the semi slicks on these sections than you'll be comprised by them in the few small muddy sections.

Anonymous said...

Great morning out, i did the long route, 3 hours 2 mins.
Knackered now though and think i'll sleep well tonight.