Thursday, 2 July 2009

Gatwick Road Ride

Last time we did an event from Gatwick it was the King of the Downs and the weather was cold and wet, for this weekend we've gone to the other extreme if todays weather is anything to go buy.

The route for the ride on Sunday is slightly shorter than the King of the Downs and you've got three distance options so there's something for everyone but it still gives you a chance to tackle some of the same hills.

If you're joining the ride this weekend remember to bring plenty of water/drinks and some suncream.

After all the complaints about the cold weather for the last Gatwick event we're ready to get a load of new ones this weekend for it being too hot :-)


Anonymous said...


Thanks for a great event on Sunday - my first sportive, and I really enjoyed it (with the possible exception of grinding up a 15% gradient at one point!). The savoury pasta at the end went down very well after several hours of sweet sports drink.

I did make one wrong turning, which meant I ended up in East Grinstead. At the junction of the B2026 and the A264 (
I turned left as indicated, but missed the immediate turn right which followed. Perhaps for future events you can signpost this kind of junction more clearly, with a "dog-leg" sign instead of just a plain left?