Monday, 17 August 2009

Cotswolds Rider Times

We're still experimenting with googledocs to publish the rider times, here are the links below with times from this weekend's Cotswold rides -

Off Road Rider Times

Road Rider Times

Any problems accessing the results then please leave a comment below so we can look into it.


robertianhall said...

1 - I took a wrong turn on the medium ride - did 72 in the end, so my time and details will be wrong - and it may affect the overall avge speed - probably by about 0.000001 mph . (my fault entirely by the way).

2 - The pasty at the finish was, without any question (including the self proclaimed 'Worlds Best Pasty' shop in St Ives) - the best pasty I've ever had.



Gavin said...

The feedstops to be fair were pitiful. 1st one just had water no food, 2nd water and watered down sports drinks and a few bananas chucked on the ground. Then the last the sports drink has run out so there was barely a trickle which you had to tip the barrel to get the last drops out and no!! food and un maned. They did give 1 go sports bar at the start, I suppose I was taken off guard because I've been told the 'King of Downs' had food. When your doing 90 miles you can't put people in these sort of dire straits even let them know the situation before hand so they can prepare but don't leave then to suffer. Also I'm a laid back person normally but this just really pi$$ed me off. Ok it's only £10, I'd prefer to pay £15 and get some decent support. BTW the actual signage for the course was excellent. I made it anyway but probably somewhat slower when running on fumes.

Mark said...

Hi Gavin,
Sorry you felt the feed stations weren't up to what you expected, we do say on the main Evans Ride It website that riders will be provided with a free energy bar at the start and only limited food is available on route so riders should carry enough of their own food to get round the course.

On the 90 mile route you generally pass 3 feed stops that should have water and energy drink. If they'd run out then we messed up, we do try and keep them topped up throughout the day.

At least one should be manned although they do get called away to assist riders on occassions.