Thursday, 20 August 2009

Dorking Road ride

We return to one of our favourite cycling areas this weekend. Dorking is on the edge of the North Downs and is blessed with great Road and Off road routes. We've been putting the road route out today in varying weather, small showers, wind and sun have all made an appearance. All routes leave Dorking and climb up on to Ranmore Common before descending to the bottom of one of the areas classic climbs, Box Hill. This is a popular bit of road, possibly something to do with the two hairpin and great views from the top. Perhaps a mini Alpine climb! This is a relatively easy ascent though and there'll be a Photographer somewhere along there to take a snap of you, so remember to keep smiling all the way to the top:-)

Soon after the Short route turns for home, leaving a flat section for the Medium and Long riders to have a breather on. One climb later and you'll be at Tony and the Manned SIS Drink station. Time for the Long riders to split off and head for some of the biggest climbs of the day. Traversing below Holmbury Hill and Pitch Hill the route undulates until the fantastic descent from Winterfold. A connecting section leads you to Combe Hill and then onto Effingham Forest, before descending and climbing back up to the Drink Station and the return home.

After the ride, if you've enjoyed the Long route you may want to think about next years King of the Downs. You've already done 4 of the first 5 climbs (out of 10)


GPX routes should be appearing soon.


Anonymous said...

Any luck with the GPX files?

Anonymous said...

No GPS files yet?

Mark said...

Just done them :-)

Anonymous said...

GPX files!!where are you ???

Anonymous said...

I can't see the GPX files?guess we have to wait till tomorrow...

The Ride It! Team said...

GPX routes are on the right, under section that says GPX routes.

Been there since 7.45.


Anonymous said...


finally got the files !
My firewall was preventing the download...

Thanks guys,


The Ride It! Team said...

No Problems


Anonymous said...

So did the Dorking road ride on Sunday.

My trip computer said 89miles not 85 as the official documentation keeps saying. Any clarification on this?